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When you invest in marketing, you expect a return on your investment. That’s why Punch Marketing will help you develop a practical strategy that will drive you from ‘A to B’. With Punch, you’ll always know where you stand, where your campaign is going and how effective it is.

Whatever you need to push your business forward and grow we can provide. So let’s talk about the services below and accelerate your business forward to where you know it can be.

Call (03) 454 3035 or click here to submit a call back request for your free – no obligation – one hour consult now! 


Website Design & Build

Your website is your online marketing ‘street address’. Make sure that when people drive past your ‘house’ they want to pop their heads in for a look! 

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Social Media

The rules of engagement have changed. As a business owner you cannot choose to ignore the value of this space – do not fear it!

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Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy makes your campaigns more effective and saves you money in the long run…

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Online Shops / Shopify

We’re a registered Shopify Partner, so if you want to sell something online or need a fantastic looking shop to help increase your revenue stream, give us a call!

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Branding & Design

Your brand is a major part of your identity and needs to be something you love. We’ll help you get it right.

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Reporting Tools

Imagine one reporting dashboard with everything on it – website analytics, social media insights, email campaign statistics, adwords and so much more…

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SEO - Local & Website

Think of it this way; imagine your website is a fishing boat and the ocean is the internet. You’re trying to catch fish but you don’t have a net… 

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Google Business View

Google’s internal ‘street view’ is here! We are very pleased to announce that we have become New Zealand’s very first ‘Google Business View Trusted Agency’.

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Promotional Video

Video online is proven to increase your appeal and sales strength significantly. The right corporate video can engage a viewer like no other medium…

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We make sure you get the best rates and that your print collateral ties in with your marketing strategy, goals and objectives.

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Whenever you call Punch Marketing you’ll always get your first consult absolutely FREE. So what are you waiting for – give us a call!

Build a successful and fulfilling relationship with your marketing consultants

Think of us as your marketing department. Why use four or five different providers when you can deal with one person who knows your business, your strategy and how to get you where you need to be?

Your Marketing Specialists

Do you need to increase your market share? Do you want to let people know all about your fantastic business? If you want to reach out and grow your business then you need professionals to help you save time and money. You need experts that know the game and how to cut through the incredible volume of marketing clutter out there.

What Makes Punch Marketing Special?

Here at Punch Marketing we specialise in thinking practically. How do we achieve this for you? Simple, we listen. We learn about what makes you special so that your market communication grows your business.

From our founder & managing director James Higgs…


“I started Punch Marketing because I wanted to help SMEs punch above their weight. I felt that the marketing services I was often contracting in were not the full quid….that there was a more holistic approach needed. Yes, marketing is about a business looking good, absolutely. But is also about making cost effective decisions that truly reflect the needs and realistic goals of a business. Big business marketing strategies just don’t work for SMEs. My background in learning and development taught me how to listen to individual, team and business issues so that I could put training solutions into place. These solutions had to be easy to understand and cost effective to implement, otherwise they just wouldn’t get buy-in or follow through. I love talking to businesses, finding out what makes them unique and helping them achieve their goals. Technology is great (I’m a bit of a geek for sure!) but it is definitely people that make the world go round. I’m enjoying watching technological advances and the sharing of information bring people together; and for the businesses that genuinely care about their service and their clients, the internet is magnifying their message….and significantly for those that work it.”

Jimmy has a broad background in Marketing, Organisational Strategy, Management, Learning & Development, Financial Services and Sales. Having spent over 10years in management roles in 4 different countries he knows what it takes to do business in both large corporations and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

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Whenever you call Punch Marketing you’ll always get your first consult absolutely FREE.


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